The dominance of a man in relationships

The dominance of a man in relationships

However, within a relationship, I end up with strong submissive desires, and always have done, from such an early age that the pressures of everyday life wouldn’t be a suitable explanation. Not forgetting to mention that I’m not interested in escaping everyday life or giving up responsibility; If truly in love, which is the only situation I’ve found myself genuinely submissive in, it is more about giving than taking. So much so that with the right man I would be happy in a Total Power Exchange situation.

The difference though, is in the idea of a man needing someone a lot stronger than him, and a woman needing a man who is only a little stronger. I have met very few men who I could give genuine submission to, -in fact only one!- and that leads me to think I have the need to find someone a lot stronger than myself.

The dominance of a man in a relationship for me will never make me feel insignificant because submission is part of my way of expressing love, and as long as I feel loved and valued, that would never lead to a feeling of insignificance.

Not forgetting that feelings of insignifigance come from within, and I doubt I have the lack of self confidence to feel insignificant; a good healthy thing on one hand, and perhaops a little too much confidence on the other!

I like the metaphor you’ve used with the lion, it’s a perfect one for the idea… though just to note that some of us like a little growling and biting!

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