Speaking as a strong woman...

Speaking as a strong woman...

Carlf speaks for me when he says:

If your lady wants to be taken in hand and she has a strong dominant personality she might actually be tired of being dominant.


And strong women can often have the same kinds of needs as strong men. We have all heard of the CEO who runs a 5,000-person company but is submissive when he gets behind closed doors. Why? Because he needs to let go.

This is how I feel. With a man, I want to be able to let go. I don't want to be in control.

Her dominating man needs to be strong enough to tame her but not so strong that she feels insignificant.

A very good point. (Is it a sign of an over-inflated ego if one has trouble imagining oneself feeling insignificant? It is?! Ooops, well, there you are. Clearly I need to be taken in hand then!)

Think of the lioness: Lionesses kill for a living. They bring down antelopes, zebras and all kinds of big creatures. And yet, they are dominated by lions.

At the end of a long day of harvesting water-buffalo, a lioness comes home to her lion and lays at his feet, basking in his protection.

The lion doesn't actually do a lot of growling or biting. He doesn't have to. His main function is to protect the lionesses and the cubs. He keeps them safe by scaring the bejeebers out of everything else in the food chain.

Obviously there is a difference between animal ‘dominance’ and the dominant relationship variety, but I like the analogy.

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